Finger Caddy - Press Release - June 7, 2018

Finger Caddy Introduces Solution to Keep Fingers Clean While Snacking

Smartphone, Tablet, and Laptop Users Can Enjoy Snacks without Their Fingers and Gear Getting Messy


Finger Caddy – The Smart Snack Assistant, is an eating utensil that allows users to enjoy snacks without their fingers or tech gadgets getting dirty.

Finger Caddy, launching today, solves the ubiquitous problem of cheese dust and sticky, oily residue collecting on fingers while snacking. Unappealingly, this residue always gets transferred onto smartphones screens and keyboards used while snacking.

Prior to Finger Caddy, snackers had no other choice aside from unsanitary options such as licking their fingers, or wiping them on their pant legs or shirt.

Finger Caddy utilizes a patent pending design that allows it to be worn on the user’s finger by the ring attachment. Once worn on the finger both the ring attachment and the Finger Caddy grabber can easily rotate to provide a full range of motion. This flexibility allows the user to make adjustments on-the-fly as she goes from eating a chip to tapping on her smartphone screen repeatedly.

The Finger Caddy grabber is used to acquire desired snacks for transport and deposit into target location, usually the user’s mouth. The grabbing motion is ergonomically identical to the natural two finger pinch that all snackers are accustomed to performing. Finger Caddy will come with multiple ring sizes to accommodate users from youth to adult.

Use cases for Finger Caddy span from the solitary individual eating cheese puffs while working on their computer to wedding reception guests enjoying hor d'oeuvres while waiting to shake hands with the bride and groom.

Finger Caddy will start taking pre-orders on June 12, 2018 and will be available in the US and internationally.

More information about Finger Caddy is available at the company’s web page at


About Finger Caddy

Finger Caddy is committed to solving the ever persistent conundrum of wanting to snack, but not wanting to deal with the unappealing result of chees dust or sticky, oily fingers that ultimately transfers onto the digital devices being used while snacking. We hope to give all users the flexibility to Snack and Tech Without the Mess

Contact: Charles Huang,, 310-763-9100

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