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Press Release

Finger Caddy Introduces Solution to Keep Fingers Clean While Snacking - PR Web
June 7, 2018
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Finger Caddy Logos

800x364 - PNG 800x213 - PNG 800x213 - JPG


Product Images - JPG

Hello Finger Caddy
(1024x576 - 204KB)
Cheese Puff Laptop
(1500x1000 - 337KB)
Nachos Munch
(1500x1000 - 297KB)
Hand Position Front
(400x400 - 87KB)
Hand Position Angled
(400x400 - 87KB)
Hand Position Back
(400x400 - 87KB)
Hand Choco Cookie 1
(600x600 - 87KB)
Hand Gummy 1
(600x600 - 87KB)
Hand Pretzel 1
(600x600 - 92KB)
Hand Choco Cookie 2
(600x600 - 103KB)
Hand Gummy 2
(600x600 - 92KB)
Hand Pretzel 2
(600x600 - 90KB)
Fist Bump
(1500x1000 - 338KB)
Holding Hands
(1500x1000 - 542KB)
Innocent Pecking
(1165x777 - 254KB)
Cupped Hands
(1200x800 - 265KB)
Table Spread
(1400x900 - 421KB)
Slobby Partner
(1200x800 - 400KB)
Snacking Smartphone
(1200x800 - 264KB)
Snacking Keyboard
(1200x800 - 280KB)
Snacking Gamer
(1200x800 - 300KB)
Smartphone Square
(400x400 - 178KB)
Keyboard Square
(400x400 - 199KB)
Gamer Square
(400x400 - 153KB)
Mouse Square
(400x400 - 157KB)
Remote Square
(400x400 - 175KB)


Product Images - Animated GIF

Grabbing stuff x2
(680x475 - 654KB)
3 Easy Steps
(600x323 - 363KB)
Action Shots Wide
(600x263 - 890KB)
Snack and Tech
(400x507 - 391KB)
Hand positions
(400x400 - 506KB)
(800x437 - 1.9MB)
Nachos example
(680x450 - 916KB)


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